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Lucky Lisa's Horse Racing Tips is an online tipping service providing Today's Free Tips based on my own system of horse choices and is not affiliated with any other system or program

All horse racing tips are free to use in any way you see fit. I use them individually this is my preferred method and I not advocate building a double or treble. Outside Chance racing tips should be treated as just that and generally attract higher odds.
ALL suggestions should be viewed as achieving a place 1st, 2nd or 3rd and I always bet EACHWAY. All my selections are based around 5, 8 or 9 horse races so the odds will be shorter. Remember this is gambling and there will be loses so you should undertake your own research into all my suggestions. Please gamble responsibly 18+ Only

My System

My system derives from many loses mainly with accumulators so, my primary objective is not to lose all my money. Everybody wants to show you how much you can win. I am trying to show you how not to lose all your money and stay in the game. I call it defensive gambling. Statistically 97% lose all their money in the long run !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Lucky Lisa's horseracing system is based on several rules listed below: 


  1. I choose races that involve 5, 8 or 9 runners
    This is because the odds of achieving a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in a 6-7 (a 5-7 horse race attracts a 2 place result) or 10 horse race or higher (an 8 horse race and higher attracts a 3 place result) means the odds reduce significantly.

  2. I do not choose races that have the descriptions of  MAIDEN, APPRENTICE, TRIAL and NOT WON THIS YEAR or anything else that my suggest the horse or jockey are inexperienced unless I feel they have a good chance of achieving a place 

  3. I will suggest on some NOVICE Races

  4. I suggest horses racing in class 5 & 6 races that have 8 runners only

  5. In 5 horse races I will suggest class 4 or higher races

  6. I choose races on the flat over Jumps and all weather UK only

  7. I always look at Time Form

  8. I avoid accumulators

  9. I never pick when I have been drinking and I never fall victim to special offers of higher odds on specific races or horses unless I have already picked them. I never ever pick horses on a whim. 

  10. You will notice a numbering system next to each suggestions name i.e. 1 1, or 1 2 this a a quality rating system for each tip see the table below.

    1 1 is the best suggestion
    1 2 is the next best suggestion

    Everything else is an OUTSIDE CHANCE SUGGESTION 

  11. All tips are suggestions that the horse has a good probability it will finish in a place 1st, 2nd or 3rd place regardless of the Odds. 

  12. Sometimes non runners will affect the race and were the horse is eventually placed you should bear this in mind.  For instance a declared 5 horse race in the morning may have a non runner making it a 4 horse race. This means that your horse will have to win (come 1st) as the 2nd place return is lost.
  13. **Remember all OUTSIDE CHANCE TIP'S/Lucky Lisa's pot of potentials are just that and although the odds are generally higher and they do win or place the probability of them finishing in a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place is lower than a rating of 1 1 or 1 2. They are in a separate section and you should as with all suggestions undertake separate research. I do not include these in my month end results. 

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